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  • This is a list item
  • LAN is Local Area Network
  • WAN is Wide Area Network
  • WWW is World Wide Web
  • What is a Local Area Network?

    A Local Area Network or LAN is a network that connects throughout a limited amount of area such as a school or university

    What is a Wide Area Network?

    A Wide Area Network or WAN is a network that can connect from far apart places usually around 1km+

    What is the World Wide Web?

    The World Wide Web is a system which you can allow documents to be connected to other documents by using hypertext links

    The Tablets Of Stone

    How is The Tablets Of Stone Played?

    It has to be played where you send packages to another team using some kind of code and you have to include who its to, who its from, the infomation and how much packages you are going to send

    The Purpose Of The Tablets Of Stone

    The purpose of it is to understand how packages work in computers